Introduction. How it Started.

Hello Folks,

This is my first post. I have racked my brain thinking of something to say by way of introduction and drastically failed. So I shall tell you the story, the true story of how it all started.

I was in Thailand in a Spa where I go to do yoga, to relax and recuperate and I met a young Englishwoman who was travelling. She was having breakfast at the next table and we got talking. She was travelling the Far East, while working on line. We exchanged email addresses and parted pleasantly. Later that afternoon Linda (that’s her name) sent me the entry she had made on her travel blog. She tells the tale much better than me. So here are her words:

“You meet so many interesting people when you travel. I met a fascinating and lovely man this morning at the Spa. He looked in his 40’s so I was stunned when he told me he was actually 72! Super fit and healthy and full of energy and passion.

Of course I asked his secret.. No secret actually, not rocket science but taking good care of your body, losing negative people, eating good whole food and avoiding (or having in  moderation) those things which are not so good for you. He also swears by community, contribution from the heart without expecting anything in return, daily meditation and yoga. He looked just great…

Those STORIES about aging,
So called middle aged spread,
Our bodies failing us when we reach a certain age,
I’m too old to do this, do that, wear that,
It’s too late to do ——————-(you fill in the blank)


Crikey this guy has just started to learn Chinese! At 72!

He had soooo much to share, I told him he should start a blog and he loved the idea. What a wonderful contribution to the world and an invitation to what’s possible. Watch this space, I will be sharing his blog and I know you will love it.

On my journey of making it my priority to take better care of me and my body, be open to the possibilities and live life on my terms I’m grateful to have met this person today.

Super inspiring! Thank You Universe”.

So here I am, after much trepidation, starting a blog. Linda, thank you! I am not as agile with words as you are but I shall try to tell my story in the following posts in my fashion.


Ever thought back to the days when children lay flat on their bellies and closely observed a blade of grass or an insect or a tiny flower? Well, I had such a childhood. We would lie out straight and blow on the sand to reveal hidden insects and watch their progress. Luckily I have carried this habit into adulthood To the amusement of neighbours I would lie flat in the grass and take pictures of flowers in the noon day sun. The above picture is such a one. It is part of my discipline to isolate just that one thing and take pleasure from it in a world where we are inundated with so many choices. Take a close look at it and hope it brings a smile to your faces.

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3 thoughts on “Introduction. How it Started.

  1. Linda Stewart on said:

    Oscar! I am so happy that you made good on your promise to start writing a blog and share your wisdom with the world! And honoured that you wrote about our meeting on your first post. You have so much to share. What a beautiful gift this will be (and already is)! So pleased to have met you that day at the Spa and looking forward to reading more of your wonderful writing. Beautiful picture! Smiling. Thank you. Linda x

  2. Hi Oscar “MaxWarbler”, looking forward to your tales.

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