Krabi, Thailand

“Maybe happiness isn’t money perhaps it is taking a picture of someone (or something) beautiful”!

The quote is by Kirkobeeo who I follow on Tumbler slightly adapted. There are constant discussions about the nature of happiness, about what happiness is and whether there are many kinds of happiness. One would assume that most people would be seeking happiness but increasingly I am beginning to believe that assumption is false. People do what they do and continue to do what they do. Their first choice may not be happiness. It may be duty or honour or a belief in their cause. I have come to think that the pursuit of happiness is a luxury few can afford in a world in which they have no choice or control.

But then…

The beach at Krabi was glowing in its best gold coat the afternoon we went there. I sat on the steps insane with happiness. The setting sun had turned the people, the trees, the boats and the sea into shimmering, melting gold. I sat feeling as rich as Croesus. All this wealth around me and we chase around like rats in a cage for the bits of crumbs we get. I turn around and my nephew was filming me and my insane smile. It was a moment to treasure. Alas, it all disappeared with the setting sun and I heard the the sound of cars behind me and the felt lights and the music. I turned to see the town behind me. It was one crazy carousel.

So folks! Grab happiness where and when you can and know that the state is never permanent.

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