An All Round Approach to Health.

Ok folks, it is time to get really down to what I am all about. I set out to start this blog because I felt I needed to get my message across that health has to be tackled on all fronts. There is no fun in having a mechanically perfect car without any wheels to it. In the same way, I think we have to stay physically healthy, mentally healthy and socially and spiritually healthy if we are to be all round, well balanced people. Hence my pulling out da Vinci man. I am told he is called Vitruvian man by those who know, rather like the Mona Lisa is called la Gioconda by those who know.

Let me quote you an aside. It is too funny to leave out. Laurence Durrell wrote in the Alexandra Quartet, (I cannot find the exact quote) that the Mona Lisa’s smile reminds him of someone who has “feasted well on her husband”. Add the fact that the other name for the Mona Lisa is Gioconda, the whole things becomes verily eerie.

Ok let’s get down to business. In my mind I divide my whole approach to health by catagorising the various elements:

Physical : exercise, diet, relaxation, body care (skin care, eye care, foot care etc)

Mental   : expanding the mind, challenging it, using it, focussing it.

Social    : active social involvement with family, friends and strangers; seeking out supportive elements from these and dropping out     negative interactions (life is too short); altruistic acts towards friends, family or strangers where you do not seek a reward (trust me, this works).

Spiritual : here I include a clean and calm psychological state. We have discarded religion and turned to psychology but the two I believe are two sides of the same coin; positive thinking, finding joy in little inconsequential things such as a stray flower, Meditation, the practice of detachment, ahimsa.

There in short is my philosophy of life. we can go into details and write whole pages on each of the topics. Here I have to reiterate a disclaimer of sorts. What I write is what I have found works for me. I am laying out my experience. People are different and the same philosophical approach may not work for all. Also, if I suggest particular procedures (for example oil pulling) please do your own research to see if you could benefit. This is only a wall newspaper for the community to read. Some of you might remember the wall newspapers during the time of the Cultural Revolution in China. The media was censored and writers sent to work in collective farms. So wall newspapers appeared where citizens wrote scraps of news and events on large sheets of paper and pasted them to the walls.

As I go on, I shall take one aspect of my philosophy of body and mind care and write in detail. There cannot be a logical sequence. That would be boring and this is no text book. Sometimes a photo or something I notice on my walks sets me off in a direction and I shall write with fever. At other times I shall rant about pet hates. At the moment it is what I call the philosophy of the MORE. Simply it means we want more of each thing, never mind whether it serves our purpose. If we like shoes we have whole cupboards and rooms full of shoes. We are persuaded by the pyramid market sellers that this is a rational view to take. You might be persuaded to buy a pair of Fendi shoes for £250 set like jewellery in its own exclusive room (like I did once, woman involved you see) but those shoes are no different from the local market where the fish sellers pile up cod or salmon and persuade you to buy it. It takes constant vigilance not to drift into the philosophy of the “more”.




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2 thoughts on “An All Round Approach to Health.

  1. Loving the blog. So hard to resist the ‘more’!

    • Don’t I know it. I look around my house and weep. I have 20 pairs of shoes and dozens of jeans I don’t wear. But the trick is, like in yoga, keep striving for perfection.

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