Long Silence

Hello Folks,

your Max Warbler has been experiencing huge calamities over the last week. First, a long neglected tooth abscess spread its bacteria throughout my body. My ear and sinuses were infested. I had permanent fever of 100C and over for a whole week. The tooth was at last pulled out, causing further trauma necessitating three lots of antibiotics. As much as I shy away from medical intervention, I was glad of the antibiotics, for no amount of alternative therapy would have helped me there.

Secondly, without any warning my broadband router packed up. It was too old and very first generation. It was like living death with no connection to the world, bed bound and board and in pain. Anyway my hero the courier comes carrying a gift this morning. The new router is super sufficient and probes ever corner of the house without difficulty. I can use my devices in the kitchen and the far bathroom. I’m so pleased and relieved. Today also is the first day I have been free from fever. I shall truly return to my regular blogging tomorrow.

Thank you all for following me. xx

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2 thoughts on “Long Silence

  1. Mrs.P on said:

    Glad to see you up and running again!

  2. Thank you Mrs.P. You are sweet.

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