Slow slow recovery. But who do I admire most?

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I did say I shall post. The sinus infection has deprived me of smell and taste. I hope it revives. I continue with the antibiotics. Nothing more the medical profession can do. The doctor smiles benignly and nods encouragement. I may have to do more research on my own. Meanwhile the headache has left me sufficiently to be able to post.

This is about health and style, not about sickness.

So I shall tell you whom I admire most for brash glamour and style. It is the minor prince and naval officer who is married to the Queen of England. I have followed his progress for 70 years. At 93 years of age he still carries himself ram rod straight. His face expresses curiosity and mild amusement, as he walks, hands behind his back, engaged with the world at every turn. He refuses to be tamed and expresses himself with acid frankness. This infuriates the press, his refusal to be politically correct. They carp at his heels getting ever frantic over the years but they cannot touch him. They cannot get him sacked; nor can they get the sponsors to pull out. In the days following his marriage, he is supposed to have said to the press : , “you’ve got me for the rest of your lives, so you better get used to me”. Never a true word spoken. He has outlived most of that original press corps.

This is nothing to do with the existence of the monarchy or of privilege. It is about the man. Most people at suddenly attaining such dizzy heights would have blown it. There were whispers of his minor peccadillos but the man drifts serenely, untouched by it all with great elan and grace. He does speak out what he thinks and his face shows what he thinks, but this is the sign of an honest man. Maybe this is why the Aboriginals  who in the past have had a highly developed social structure, adore him.

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One thought on “Slow slow recovery. But who do I admire most?

  1. Good point well made Max!!

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