Sugar Kills

Hello Folks,

what I am going to say may not to be everyone’s taste. I am sure a lot of us are sugar addicts, including me. So it is like speaking to a room full of cocaine addicts when I say sugar kills. A few murmurs of knowing approval but people move on towards the next hit. Sugar is so built into our lives that it is unthinkable to go without it. Even the takeaway Indian and Thai curry have loads of sugar poured into it. So go figure. What chance have the humble you and me, of avoiding it? Having said that I feel passionate about this.

Call sugar by any name you like. Call it dextrose, fructose, galactose, glucose, lactose, maltose, sucrose or sacchrose; call it treacle, sorbitol, molasses, diatase, caramel, barley malt or dextran. There is no way out of it. It still a great big poison for your body. It kills you by first fusing itself into your body and lifestyle so much so that you do not even know when you are taking in huge quantities of this unwanted stuff.

Do not turn to scientists for comfort because you want to hold on to your addiction. Scientists I am sure are very nice people but they depend on their wages same as the rest of us. Have you ever let your ethical concerns come between you and your boss lately? We are fed a lot of waffle about the good sugar and bad sugar. Fructose comes to mind. I got the idea for this post because of the recent concerns about fruit and soft drinks for children and how much sugar there is in it. The whole debate about whether sugar is bad for you got shunted into an inconsequential load of media verbiage about whether to put penny tax on pop. This is how all serious debate gets shunted into a safe haven. Get people irate about whether this politician or that said the wrong thing and we move on, without resolving the initial issue.

Let me assure you first that you derive all the sugar you will ever need in you bread, your pasta, your potatoes, your rice and legumes and carrots and beet and other root vegetables, and of course the five a day fruit you eat!

Now for the really depressing part I shall give you a partial list (I don’t want to frighten you too much!) of all the bad things sugar can do to you:

Sugar can cause premature aging, lead to tooth decay and obesity, cause gastric ulcers, arthritis, heart disease, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, cataracts, and lead to a shed load of cancers. There are more, lots more illnesses that sugar intake leads to. That is why there is no point waffling about whether this sugar or that sugar is good for you. So why do you think there is no serious public debate about this? Stand back in the car park and look at your favourite supermarket. If you can imagine that mountains of sugar are poured into three quarters of the food you buy from that supermarket, you will get an idea of the powerless of the poor consumer. All we can do is look after own bodies. Let others trundle themselves into obesity trolleys.

I am sorry if this post has been depressing. But we cannot pretty pretty everything or put on a smile on things which cannot be trivialised. Sometimes I get passionate and I say it as it is. I want to be your credible blogger.

On another note, when I did my last post on the 28th of June, it was a momentous day for the European world. I wonder how many of us knew that. It was the day, on the 28th of June a hundred years ago when a Serbian nationalist assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand and set in motion the blood bath we now call World War I. A vast portion of the male populations of many countries were emptied into that maw never to be seen again. Just as a coincidence, the Treaty of Versailles marking the end of the war was signed on the same day five years later, in 1919. The day before the assassination politicians were bickering like a bunch of parlour maids over petty issues just as they are doing now.

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