St. Swithin’s Day

Today, 15th July is St.Swithin’s Day and I forgot to mention it earlier.

St.Swithin’s Day if thou dost rain’
For forty days it will remain;
St.Swithin’s Day if thou be fair,
For forty days it will rain nae mair.

St.Swithin was the bishop of Winchester. When he died he was buried in the churchyard along with his parishioners because he wanted to be “watered by rain and trodden by the feet of passers-by”. On 15th July 971 his remains were moved to inside the cathedral and it rained all through that day and for the subsequent 40 days. This is the origin of the St.Swithin’s Day myth. Suffice to say this has not been accurate according to the forecasts over the years.

But it is a nice cosy myth and for the English, who love to talk of the weather, it is an added spice to an otherwise boring bit of daily conversation.

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