Do Not Let Style Gurus Dictate Your Tastes

Hi Folks,
It has been sometime. I had been waiting for inspiration. Also my Chinese teacher returned from her six weeks in China. She came in and right away said ‘we should finish those unfinished two lessons’. She is so on the ball. Before she came back, I had to sit down and finish the homework she had given me before going on holiday. It is good to be a student again, but this time around it is such hard work. My brain is not so laid back about lessons you see.

Anyhow, down to business. The picture above shows a basket with a bundle of rope inside. The basket is what is left over from a hamper my sister-in-law sent some Christmases ago. The rope, I found recently in a flea market, It was lying there all forlorn beside some books. I just had to buy it. The mat is a hand made Indian rug. All three lie in my room beside my stand up work station and I get pleasure just from looking at them, just as they are.

What I am going to say is people invest a lot of energy and money making their homes just so. They buy expensive furniture and fittings. Sometimes those are essential to make a household pleasant. And most people have no time to hang around in flea markets. But I think trying to imitate what you see in House and Garden magazines is sometimes counterproductive. We are all individuals and we need to pump in some of ourselves into our living environments. It does not take a genius to know that if you have around you objects you have chosen yourselves to suit your taste and your disposition, you would also be spiritually happier and it does not require lots of money. It is an important choice and people who hand over that choice to expensive shops or to interior decorators or to magazines, are losing out. It took me a long time to get objects in the house just the way I want and it has been worth it.

If you think about it we are the best stylists of our own environments. We know who we are and what makes us happy. Sometimes the objects that make us most happy are not in those shops or in the magazines. We need to have some confidence in our ability to decorate our own homes. I have been in some bland plasticky apartments which look as if the estate agents have not yet moved out. Clean lines and spotless walls and furniture. I used to know a friend who lived in such a clinically clean flat that I named it the General Hospital. This was when hospitals were clean places, if anyone remembers those days!

As I have said before, my son has bought an apartment in an old Northern mill and he wants to decorate it with his chosen objects, to reflect his personality. I am going to have fun helping him.

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