Abundance and Prosperity

A Happy New Year to all who read this post! Personally I am glad to kiss the old one good bye. It was a horrendous year as far as my personal health was concerned. I felt I had to opt out of life for most of the year. Yet it was not illness as most people would term it. I just felt “under the weather” all the time. Maybe it is the weather. As time goes by I am getting increasingly intolerant of the cold. Man was not born to live in the cold. But our earliest ancestors moved North, I suppose for the same reason they move North today, for a better life or to escape danger. So here we are, improving our iphones every year and gritting our teeth and accepting the cold as a way of life.

In the old country, when I was a child, it was customary to wish our nearest and dearest a year of abundance and prosperity. But now surveying the mountains of clothing I have to get rid of this year and the vast quantities of surplus phones and other items that my local rubbish dump calls “small appliances” I would not wish that on anyone. I would wish health and love and verve. But to get back to my early adulthood, we lived in clutter free houses swept clean with twig brooms. New Year was celebrated with an abundance of food. The women (persons) would work for days pounding, kneading, baking frying till on the eve of the New Year we had baskets and platters full of food laid out on the swept floors. In that bare setting the food smelt and looked like unthinkable abundance and we just hugged ourselves at how prosperous we were to provide such a feast. The village walked in on us in their new clothes and the festivity went on with people visiting each other through the night. That is what I have in mind even today when I wish someone abundance and prosperity.

So folks, enjoy a holiday with a glass of wine, a cup of tea and an apple or a tomatoe.

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