Love Gives Us a Fairy Tale Wedding!

My wonderful nephew Julian and his fabulous fiancee Jano got married recently and I just ran out of superlatives to describe it. So I shall say it as it is.

It was a dream venue in Cornwall in a mini castle on a hill. The ceremony took place on the grassy terrace below with the Cornish town in all its earthy colours as a backdrop. Everything was beautiful that day, the registrar was beautiful, the master of ceremonies was dignified, even the dog guest Archie in his tuxedo looked fetching. Oh, and the bride and groom looked splendid and casual and laughing their heads off throughout the ceremony because they were so very much in love.
The attire was casual chic so the guests felt easy and intimate; the girls were glamourous and the men dashing; two little children introduced fun and laughter to the ceremony. Celebrity photographers with their technics circled slowly. We smiled politely and hugged madly and all was well with the world.

It was the intimacy that stood out from the wedding. Twenty Six of us spent four days in a large, sprawling house/castle all together, eating, drinking, dancing, playing people games like we used to once; we spoke and laughed and pranced about showing off our god-like bodies and our well loved clothes; we exchanged intimacies, we discussed politics and lifestyle; we praised things, we praised each other, we were chilled and smashed and crazy all at once; we went for walks, we swam in the pool, we rested gently into yoga poses and all the time there was this great feeling of love and affection that oscillated between the guests and the newly wed couple. And the guest couples kissed and romanced throughout the day and throughout the night kindling their own love for each other.

The building was so right for the occasion. There were large rooms and larger beds and showers you could hold a party in. Now that’s a thought! The Aga stood chest out and spewing heat in the heart of the house. We breakfasted round it on giant tables and afterwards played pool or read or dreamed or ran around gleaming faced like children. Life stood still for us for four days. We had wine on tap all day long and exquisite food whenever we needed it. I hung my allergies and my cautions in the cupboard along with my coat and dug in with gusto. The breakfasts with a variety of food hot and cold food filled the tables and lasted all morning. Cans of beer exchanged hands with not one instance of braying drunkenness. The lads behaved themselves and the girls primped and flirted modestly and us old folk watched it all in relaxed decorum.

Well, that’s what it is all about. You say ” hold off the horses James, we are about to go mental. Leave us be. Just come and fetch us when we come up for air”. That is what the coach driver did, winding all the way up the hill at the end of the revelry. This was the recipe for the perfect wedding a bit of chic slumming and fun thrown in without the mix of sweaty relatives and brittle smiles that mark most weddings.

Thank you Jano and Julian for bringing a dash of brilliance and splendour to our work crazed and vinegary world. May wisdom and love walk with you always.

And now the delayed spring smell of Cornwall sleeps in my head.

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4 thoughts on “Love Gives Us a Fairy Tale Wedding!

  1. Stephanie Taylor on said:


    You’re a legend! Beautifully summarised.

    Thank you for capturing it so well.

    Much love

    Stephanie xx


  2. Julian & Jano on said:

    This is amazing – reading it is like having a keepsake from the wedding 🙂

    Thank you for blinding us!

    From Us 🙂

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