Last Night I met This Woman…

Last night I met this woman. She was lanky and tall and danced like a marionette and at first I felt I must look ridiculous when she clutched my face to her chest and whirled me about. But then we kept time like old pros our bodies imitating each other and I felt the minutes were magic. Then the music stopped. Even before we said hello we were talking alternative life styles; shoes; children; shoes; super-foods and more shoes. And I knew, we were soul bodies. Apart from the shoes of course but that is par for the course if you want to have any meaningful conversation with any woman in these desperately floundering times. Women who are I believe the guardians of civilization have found an image to hold on to, and that is the shoe.You have to understand this meme in women’s culture if you are to understand women. For Adrianna, although mad as a hatter, was also very sure of where she stood in relation to people, to things and to the universe. It is she who gave me an insight into the world of the shoe.

“We have everything we shall ever require, haven’t we?” she said. It was so refreshing to hear that in a world where most of the affluent population dreams of making even more money. “After buying all the necessaries we have so much disposable income. So why not buy the shoe? You may lose you job, you may have to leave home, lose your husband and children, your jewellery and all your investments; but who wants to take your shoe away from you? As long as I have my five inch spikes and bling heels I can be as proud as a peacock”. I could see nothing at all wrong with that logic. Being of a yogic frame of mind I took her argument to a further level. What at all, is the value of a Picasso besides a pair of knock-me-out  shoes? The Picasso is desirable only if it can be exchanged for more pairs of shoes. Or maybe I was blinded by Adrianna the person and not her logic.

For Adrianna had stopped me in my tracks because of her sheer vivaciousness and her flamboyant manner and her mad hatter life style. She lives in the deepest of interiors and when we went to pick her up we got lost in the dark. We found her in a very isolated part of the country straddling the lane waving to the headlights in what looked like midnight blue pajamas and an ankle length bright red coat. That was my first sight of her till later on the dance floor I saw this crazy dancing by a tall frizzy haired marionette. “Come to me”, she said. “I have a parlour wide enough to dance in”.

Sometimes quite unexpectedly you meet a stranger who talks back to you, repeats in fact, all the conversations you have had in your mind. We beamed as we shrieked back at each other through all that din the same words, our eyes widening with recognition that someone other than ourselves shares the same views. It was some night, with this crazy woman. We parted in a hurry, in a flurry of coats and hats and scarfs with her last words in my ears “we shall dance in my parlour”.

So Adrianna, thank you for a magical night and for giving me an insight into the mysterious world of the shoe

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