Brexit Revisited

It is with great distaste that I step once again into the murky waters stirred up by this phenomena called Brexit. What we have here is a great big pile of excrement in the middle of the courtyard; and everyone is standing around in their polished shoes trying to discuss, or as they would say, ‘debate’ it. I would not bother to go into the merits and demerits of each point of debate. It is a moving platform and what is said today becomes irrelevant tomorrow.

Just consider the soundbites that hover in the air like sky writing. Will article Fifty be initiated? Oh! They can’t! But they must! Oh my God, it is going to be initiated! What now? It can be tweaked.  But Brexit means Brexit. No compromise! But but but… we can come to a compromise. Just count the immigrants in and then count them out. That should do it.

Can you believe it? The pundits, who are supposed to be at least marginally more informed than us indulge in this sort of drivel?

And all the time the fund managers are watching with cold eyes. The technocrats are pulling levers and punching numbers trying to come up with a suitable formula. The media is counting its silver. What an easy take this is! A few well dressed and well spoken people round a table speaking carefully chosen words in deodorized voices. The PM has ensured a trouble free and prosperous Christmas for the fund managers by moving decisions till well into the new year. This is how governments operate; by moving hot topics round and about like so many chips on a croupier’s table. Meanwhile the mob is roiling outside the window. I am afraid the whole thing may descend into a simple problem of crowd control, and the main debate will be buried in accusations and counter-accusations. By then of course, it will be time for new elections. La di da!

I have lost faith in governments being able to come up with a concrete and logical decision over any topic of major interest. The best we can hope for is one or a series of half decisions and compromises to suit all parties. The heat of the debate will cool with the passing of time, temporarily at least, like other hot topics such as Gibraltar, or the Scottish referendum or the problem of Northern Ireland which has been simmering for centuries, and of course, the really hot problem of what to do with nuclear piles in our own backyard when Scotland hands that hot potatoe back to us. The policy of endless war of course remains an option if all else fails.

So I suggest do not watch the news. It is all a paper exercise. Keep happy. Treasure your loved ones and most of all keep warm this winter. I don’t do cold. I even eat my ice cream warm.

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